Out with the OLD, In with the NEW


As we usher out 2014, and welcome 2015, I want to say “thank you” to a few special people in my life.  First, to my husband, Marty, for sticking by me for nearly 30 years.  We’ll reach that milestone anniversary in June, 2015.


Second, my son, Phil, who has given us a beautiful daughter-in-law, Angela, and our amazing granddaughter, Amelie.  They feed my soul.


Third, my family in Ohio and Pennsylvania.  I love you and miss you every single day.  I wish we could all afford to visit more often, but such is life.  God willing, I’ll see you all in May, 2015.


Fourth, my extended family here in SoCal.  I love you all, and feel blessed that we met twenty years ago as new neighbors.  We became friends, and now we are family to each other.  I know I can count on you for the great times and the bad.  I don’t have a group photo of us, but will remedy that tonite.

Fifth, my Makering Buddies, Jann Westlake Tague and Irene (Renie) Hoffman.  They both give me great joy and keep me going.  Love them!

Sixth, Brenda Sue Lansdowne and the friends I have made on Facebook through the B’sue Boutiques’ Creative Group. You all keep me challenged, inspired, wanting to learn more, encouraged, and joyful.  A sincere, heartfelt, thanks to each and every one of you.

And lastly, my dogs, who bring me so much joy and laughter every day.  “Dogs are people, too.”


Wishing you all a Happy New Year!!
Talk to you in 2015.  ❤

Marcia Tuzzolino
Aurora Designs


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9 thoughts on “Out with the OLD, In with the NEW

  1. Loved reading this. Happy New Year Marcia!

    Great looking blog and wonderful creations as always. And your dogs are so cute. Love them.

    All the best to you and yours in 2015 🙂


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