It’s in the Eye of the Beholder


These cute little raw brass fish are on a piece that is on my work table for this week.  I’m going to treat them with color so they’ll coordinate with the rest of my assemblage.  I think they are cute and they look like they are smiling as they propel themselves through the water. 

Why, you ask, “the Eye of the Beholder”?  Because these cute little fish are actually a raw brass bird that I turned upside down because I saw the fish.


This is the stamping right side up.  Many of the stampings from can be turned a different way to look like something totally different, or you can find a piece within a piece by cutting the larger piece apart.  Fellow B’sue Boutiques Creative Group member, and artisan, Harry Wood, recently did that to create an awesome looking ring.  Check out on Etsy to see his creations.

WTW, Work Table Wednesday, is tomorrow.  Inspired by someone else in the group, I am going to show you what my REAL creative space looks like.  Stay tuned….

Bye for now.

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