I’m late!!


Grandma (me), Amelie, and Angela working on polymer clay on Thanksgiving day.





Amelie is concentrating on making her flower from the skinner blend I taught her how to make.


Angela (daughter-in-law), making her flower from a skinner blend she made.  Both Angela and Amelie jumped right in and did an excellent job.  We were so engrossed in working on our pieces, that the turkey was done and we didn’t have any of the side dishes done!!  (We had a good chuckle about that.)  They both did such a great job.  I was very proud of both of them

Angela even got my son, Phil to join us.  He is also very creative and has a wonderfully artistic eye that is evident in his photography.

Here are our pieces ready for the oven.


Going to spend some time with Amelie while she is on Christmas vacation.  Hope she wants to play with clay again for a little while.  😉

Thanks for visiting.  Talk to you soon.

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