Thanksgiving Week

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I hope you’re all blessed to be spending it with family and friends. It is my favorite holiday in addition to Christmas. We’re going to my son’s house in Blue Jay (Lake Arrowhead), CA, and he and my granddaughter, who is 10, help me cook. Last year I began doing most of my part of the cooking a day or two before, so I can spend more quality time with my family. My daughter-in-law always sets the most beautiful table for us, and my husband, well, he just likes to do the eating!

As we are waiting for the turkey to roast, I am going to introduce my family to working with polymer clay.  For my granddaughter’s birthday this past September, I commissioned a polymer clay artist that I met at last year’s polymer workshop (sponsored by’s owner, Brenda Sue Lansdowne), Katie Oskin, to make a dozen pens (because my granddaughter loves to write…more about that in a different post), in a soccer theme with my granddaughter’s team colors and her uniform number, 6.  Katie did an outstanding custom job on the pens, adding small soccer ball charms on the end of each pen, and with a bit of scrap clay she had left, she made one of her signature swirl pendants with the #6 on it, into a necklace for my granddaughter.  Needless to say, my granddaughter LOVED the pens and the pendant necklace.

Amelie, (my granddaughter), told me that she went to Katie’s website to “check out her other creations”, and found a photo of the pens she made for us, with a very nice comment about them being a custom order that she will never duplicate because it was so special.  Amelie really got a kick out of that!  I had asked Amelie a while ago if she would like to have a play date with me to learn how to make things with polymer clay.  She is very creative and artistic, so I was pretty confident she would say “yes”.  She is very busy with her fifth grade school work and soccer, so we decided that Thanksgiving day would be a good day to play with clay.  She said she wants to make a soccer ball, so that will be our first project.  I’ll let you know how we did and will post photos of us creating and our finished pieces.  It’s going to be LOTS of FUN!!

I am a member of a Facebook private group called B’sue Boutiques Creative Group for jewelry artists/designers, begun in 2012 by Brenda Sue Lansdowne, and am also a member of her Design Team.  After the polymer workshop with world renowned polymer artist and author, Chris Friesen, as our instructor, she and Brenda collaborated to create another private group on Facebook, called Bohemian Vibe.  We use polymer clay and some things from Brenda’s supply website,, (quality, nickel and lead free, stampings, findings, etc., for creating jewelry, all made in the good old USA), to create a Bohemian style piece of jewelry.  We would love to have you come over and check out the website and join our group if you like to make jewelry or polymer clay pieces of any kind.

I invite you to take a look at some more of the pieces I have posted of my creations with this blog post.

MARCIASTABLET - Silverware Silver and Crystal assemblage Statement Necklace.  Bridal and Formal MARCIASTABLET - Etched, altered Necklace with topaz and faceted Czech rondelle accents MARCIASTABLET - Red and Silver Assemblage Statement Necklace MARCIASTABLET - Cuff, front view MARCIASTABLET - Cuff, hand formed, and altered assembly MARCIASTABLET - Winter Assemblage Necklace in Aqua and Silver and satin matte goldWishing you all safe travels and a thankful and joyful, Happy Thanksgiving from Aurora Designs!!

8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Week

  1. Great blog post. Happy Thanksgiving to you Marcia. Sounds like you will make some wonderful and special memories today with Amelie. Enjoy your day.


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